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How To Store A BMX Bike?

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The best way to store a BMX bike depends on the available space in your house, garage, storage shed, or apartment. Options include simple hooks, hooks and trays, hinges, or horizontal wall mounts. Free-standing and wall-mounted methods are also available for storing bikes indoors.

Storing your BMX bike correctly is important to ensure its longevity and performance. It should be thoroughly washed to remove dirt, mud, grime, and road salt which can cause corrosion.

BMX is a popular sport that originated in the 1970s and involves riding a specialized bicycle with features such as knobby tires and strong frames.

To perform at their best, riders should tailor their racing BMX to their own body type.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that a bicycle is not a toy but a vehicle and riders should follow basic safety tips such as wearing helmets and using lights when riding at night.

How to Clean Your BMX Bike Before Storage

To clean your BMX bike before storage, begin by filling a bucket with warm water and adding a mild soap.

Use a brush to knock away any chunks of dried-on mud on the frame or wheels, then take a damp rag to wipe down the entire bike.

For more thorough cleaning, use diluted dishwashing soap or preformulated bike wash cleaner for frame cleaning and a bike-specific degreaser for greased up parts.

Finally, ride the bike around for about five minutes to speed up the drying process.

Choosing the Right Location for BMX Bike Storage

The best location for bike storage depends on the available space. For short-term parking, convenience is key and bike racks should be placed in easily accessible areas.

If the site is a large open space, like a parking garage or warehouse, consider building a bike room with adequate drainage.

Vertical bike racks should provide bikes with at least 8” of clearance from the ground, and there are plenty of DIY options for bike storage ideas.

Indoor BMX Bike Storage Options

There are many indoor bike storage options available, such as garage bike racks, wall bike racks, and gravity stands.

Vertical and horizontal wall-mounted bike racks are popular choices, as well as stylish indoor bike hangers like the Ibera Horizontal Bike Wall Hanger and the Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci Bike Hanger.

Outdoor BMX Bike Storage Options

There are many outdoor bike storage options available, such as bike sheds, wall racks, and fat tire wall mounts.

Other solutions include storing bikes in a garage or using a five-bicycle rack.

How to Prepare Your BMX Bike for Storage

To prepare a BMX bike for storage, one should inflate the tires, give the bike a proper clean, inspect the frame and components, and wipe down the saddle, tires, and handgrips.

Additionally, one can use a kickstand or portable placement system to store the bike upright in the garage, or use a fleet parking system.

Finally, it is important to follow a checklist to ensure that all necessary steps are taken when preparing your bike for storage.

Steps for Storing Your BMX Bike Long-Term

Storing a bicycle long-term requires some preparation and careful consideration of the bike’s condition, security, and environment.

  1. Before storing the bike, it should be cleaned to remove dirt and grime from the chain and other parts.
  2. The tires should also be inflated to avoid flat spots, and the frame should be checked for rust, cracks, or breaks.
  3. The bike should then be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit to protect it from temperature fluctuations and humidity that could cause rust.
  4. If storing the bike outdoors, it should not be placed directly on concrete as this can cause dry rot in the rubber tires. Instead, place it on a wooden surface or rug.
  5. Additionally, store the bike upside down so that the weight is distributed evenly between the handlebars and seat rather than on the tires and rims.
  6. Finally, if storing for an extended period of time, detach all beach cruiser accessories such as baskets or bells before packing away. This will help ensure that your bike is in good operating order when you are ready to ride again.

Short-Term Storage Tips for Your BMX Bike

There are several short-term storage tips for your BMX bike that can help keep it safe and secure.

  1. Cleaning the bike before storing it is essential to prevent corrosion and damage to the frame.
  2. Additionally, kickstands are a basic storage option that can be used to keep recreational road bikes upright in a garage.
  3. For more secure storage, floor racks provide a good option as they do not require lifting the wheel onto the rack.
  4. Horizontal wall bike storage is also an option, allowing you to display your bike like a work of art.
  5. Finally, hanging a floating shelf or using an entryway bike storage system can help save space while keeping your bike safe and easy to access.

BMX Bike Maintenance: Caring for Your Bike During Storage

Properly caring for a BMX bike during storage is important to ensure that it is in good working condition when the warmer weather arrives.

To prepare a BMX bike for winter storage, it should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. The chain should be lubed and inspected for rust or gunk.

The hubs, bottom bracket, headset, brakes, derailleurs, and pedals should also be checked and adjusted or overhauled as needed.

Additionally, it is important to make sure that the bike is stored inside to avoid damage from the elements.

Finally, having the necessary tools on hand in case of a flat tire while riding is also recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions about Storing Your BMX Bike

How do I protect my BMX bike from theft during storage?

To protect your BMX bike from theft during storage, invest in a sturdy and solid D-lock. Cable locks can be used as extra security, but they are not as secure as D-locks.

Make sure the security mark is clearly visible and park your bike in a well-lit area where it can be easily seen by passers-by.

Additionally, use two chains to secure your bike(s) with, making sure each chain is long enough to do so but not too long that it’s easy for thieves to use cutting tools.

Can I store my BMX bike outside in the winter?

Storing a bike outside in the winter should be avoided as the cold weather, rain, and snow can corrode and break down the bicycle.

It is best to store the bike inside in a dry area away from moisture.

How do I prevent flat tires during storage?

To prevent flat spots on tires during storage, it is recommended to fill the tires to the correct pressure, keep them out of direct sunlight, and use stands to take the load off the tires.

Additionally, washing the tires and using two-inch styrofoam insulation can help minimize tire flat spotting

Do I need to oil my BMX bike before storage?

It is recommended to lubricate the cables and chain of a BMX bike before storage. This can be done by applying a few drops of light lubricant to the ends of the housings and lightly working through the cable housing.

Motor oil should not be used for this purpose. Covering your bike with a protective cover is also recommended.

Should I remove the pedals from my BMX bike for storage?

It is recommended to remove the pedals from your BMX bike for storage. To do so, you will need a 15mm wrench and possibly some penetrating fluid such as GT85 or Muc Off Bike Spray.

Before removing the pedals, move the chain into the large chainring to prevent it from being cut by the teeth of the large chainring.

Pedal removal and installation can be tricky, so take care when doing so.

Conclusion and Final Verdict on Storing a BMX Bike

If a BMX bike is not stored properly, it can be exposed to dirt, mud, grime, and road salt which can cause corrosion on the frame and parts.

It should be kept in a dry place with a mat or something underneath it to avoid dirt on the carpet.

If it is left outside, it should be covered to protect it from the elements.

Leaving a bike outside for even a few days can lead to rusting and other signs of deterioration.

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